Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Ancient Code

Archaeosophia is very honoured to have been invited to submit an article for the up-coming book, "The Ancient Code" to accompany the film of the same name.

Continuing the theme of the film, the book contains contributions written by many authors expressing their opinions on subjects such as history and ancient cultures, society, materialism, spirituality and our own unique connection to nature and how we have possibly missed the point and gone too far into a materialistic society which is doing our individual psyches no good.

Edited by best selling author, TV chat show-host and award winning film-maker, Philip Gardiner, the book promises to be a diverse collection of works by such luminaries as Prof Hugh Montgomery, John Jay Harper, Brad Steiger , Dr Tim Wallace-Murphy and others.

For more details on the film and book, please visit
The Ancient Code Website
Gardiner's World
Phil Gardiner's Blog

Ancient Code.com: The Quest For Truth

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