Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Storm Moon, some Acorns and Great, Great Oaks.

As an avid moon-gazer (well, I was born in year of the hare, well ok, rabbit, close enough) I'd like to draw your attention to this delightful bit of ancient wisdom from Feng Shui philosophy:

Tonight we will see the rising of the Full Moon, or what other cultures and traditions term 'the Storm Moon,' so called because of the weather's propensity these days to be windy, rainy and often grey. But the natural cycles on the planet dictate that this period of preparation, readying the Earth for new life to Spring forth, must occur in order to enter into the next new period of fertility and rebirth. In fact, new life, fertility and rebirth are all the keywords associated with the energy of the next few days. If you're planning on birthing something of your own, be that a new bundle of joy or even a creative endeavor or project, it would serve you well today to seed that special intent so that it can grow inside the next weeks and months. It's believed that acorns gathered on any one of the three nights of the 'Storm Moon' will offer extraordinary power to manifest dreams and desires if those same acorns are then displayed in plain sight. If you've access to an oak tree, grab some acorns now to see some sweet dreams come true a little later. But if you can't find any acorns, display a bowl of walnuts instead for all the same reasons. Sounds nutty, I know, but it really does work!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

So, instead of 'gathering nuts in May' (although it's really 'knottes' and refers to Hawthorn blossoms) collect a bowlful of acorns this eventide and enjoy good fortune in upcoming ventures, for 'great oaks from little acorns grow'. With this in mind I dedicate this post to my friend DP, with whom creative endeavours and hopes and dreams of future success in upcoming projects shall take root and grow into our very own great oaks.

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